About Us

What is the Large Domestic Cats Website?

Large Domestic Cats is a collection of all the best information and recommendations for large Cats. It’s a magazine-style information site that gives great information, great reviews recommendations and information about breeders.

This website was born out of frustration trying to find information online.

Where are We Located?

Large Domestic Cats is owned and operated by Lucas James Creative Inc in Canada. We run a number of business and content sites like 15 Degrees NE and Timberstone Projects.


Lucas James Creative Inc
Unit 114 – 7710 5 St SE
VOSMB #177
Calgary, AB T2H 2L9

You can also Email – Admin@largedomesticcats.com or call – 403-862-2283

Our website address is: largedomesticcats.com

Who is behind largedomesticcats.com?

The team at largedomesticcats.com is made up of a team of people that are passionate writers, cat owners, vets and researchers that build quality content and information for Ragdoll, Birman, Maine Coon, and large cat owners.

Visit our team page for more information about our writers, editors and content policies.

How do I Contact The Large Domestic Cats Team?

It’s easy. Visit our CONTACT US page or use the information listed above.